November 2017


Here is our first product out from the land. Mud Hut Coffee is branding to promote self roasted coffee and local beans consumption. The beans are being roasted freshly at DinDang Living Home, with self consumption and sharing we also consider to be secondary income for the family.


On this website you can order the roasted coffee online


April 2016.


Martha and Pee Ratri are posted next to their own sculptured clay oven. Pee Ratri's wishes to have an oven to bake her optional meals from her food garden, now the beautiful clay oven has build and they became good friend! :D


our 2016 visitor volunteer information sheet is now published online and ready to be download.

We have marked our week in red when we welcome visitor volunteer. :)


Bow and Martha

January 2016


We finally moved into DinDang :) and gave it a new name as Living HOME


It is time to live in this home style idea. 

November 2015


Constructing the new family house. It is an extension building and using plantation rounded woods to constructed. This house will be suitable to family style. 



April  2014


DinDang is updating the website to improve information and current goal of the center.

please check it out and read what have changed. You are still welcome to read and follow our recent activity on facebook.

January 2013


DinDang new logo and banner have been made by Louis and Amaury. Thank you so much :) 

Elizabeth from The UK have been at DinDang this July. She wrote an acrticle about Bow and his stories. Take a look and you might know him a bit more.^^

July 2012

With numbers of volunteer from Belgium, France, England, Korea and Germany we worked on maintainance the pavillion with clay and stone! It is looking so great! With many creative art sculptures.

Very satisfied! 


click to see the video
click to see the video

June 2012


Many rainy days lately! We took advantage of this and used the time to make a new video about DinDang, so now it is even easier to get an idea about the DinDang Natural Building Center! Enjoy!


Click here to see the video on

May 2012


A gardening around the center, and we are working more on finishing the interior stone decorations of the clay houses.

April 2012


Finished the roof of the bench and partly decorations. We need to wait until the bench dry up and placing with third layer!

April 2012


A clay bench! It will be even big enough to lay down and get a nap at day time ^^

March 2012


Decorations the small houses with river stones and cements. Its gave the internal rooms easier to clean and prevents living in the walls by insects.

February 2012


Together with volunteers Bow builds the wooden gate for the entrance to the small living clay houses. It is partly a decoration and also it is being shown of using simple materials in the area to create shelter. And many more!

September 2011


WiFi interenet connection is available now at DinDang Eco lodge, If you wish you bring your own notebook.




July 2011


With the 6 french students from ITECH engineering school in France came for one month to volunteers helped us with the toilet building. It was very hard work to carried all stones needed for the walls, mixed cements, dag the shit holes ^^, builded the walls, cutted bamboos and structured the roof. And many more to thanks for their helps. In September we will have a group of student who will stay for 3 months, we will finish it!!



February 2011


The small clayhouses are now ready for living. We'll do some maintenance this month and from March on, volunteers will live in a real clayhouse! The restaurant and kitchen will be used by our volunteers then too.

The big job for now: showers and bathrooms.




January 2011


DinDang's office and dormitory is progressing. Thank you every volunteers.

This building will be used as an office down stair and up stair is dormitory for about 4-5 people. 

December  2010


The finished stone wall. Great works of all.


stone wall
stone wall

November 2010


The stone wall is being build behind the small houses. It is to protect the ground from sliding and create and nice flat sitting area on the top. It is a hard work but its a good work!! Thank you guy.


July 2010


Two houses are being build. The hard work of summer group.

April 2010


New living house is nearly finishing this week. Thank you for all the helps from every volunteers.

February 2010


We finished the foundations of the three new houses and after making tons of adobe bricks, we are now starting on the walls. Many volunteers have come to join us and the work is progressing rapidly.

January 2010


DinDang tool-shed. Builed out of bamboos by David from Holland.


* We have attached some new interesting video links. Please have a look at them.

January 2010


The kitchen building is finished! Recently we are continueing with three more small living houses.


December 2009


The beautiful bamboo benches in front of the kitchen are done by Adul, they are nice and strong!

We worked on building the kitchen sinks from river stones, included water release systems around it. It is nearly ready to be use!


A birthday from Marie (UK volunteer )this week and we had a nice evening all together. Thanks for her delicious cake!! She said that this birthday is one of the nicest in her life!!






December 2009


Last week DinDang and all the volunteers were working on the kitchen floor. For many people it was the first time experience in working with cement, and so it was a bit physically hard for somepeople. We did some cleaning around and placing tables, etc. Futhermore, we will need to work on water and electricity systems to be completed.






November 2009


Dindang and the volunteers have built two huts, intented to welcome worshops.

Both of them are around the kitchen.

June 2009


DinDang Kitchen progress

DinDang Centre is building a kitchen where will be used as well as a meeting place for the future. There is an agreement together with TCDF that when the building has finish TCDF volunteer will be using on temporaly based.

The Building is halfly with stones and clay, the roof we used leafs.

 The building has planed to finish in August.



Natural building workshop for UCLA student

 On June, 30th - 2nd July 2009 DinDang Natural Building Centre will host a group of 33 people from University in Los Angerles for two full days. The workshop will take place in Paksong, phato, chumphon province, in coorperation with TCDF, Runs N Roses, and local hosting people.

May 2009


DOT Development Organization In Thailand

In 2008 DOT networking organization had founded to help promotes, connects people and organisation on social, education, evironment feilds, etc.

DinDang Natural Building is actively partnership of DOT.


Natural building workshop on 28th May

On 28th of May 2009, DinDang Natural Building Centre will organize a natural building workshop for a period of one day. This workshop will contains of natural building theory and practical learning. Thereafter, The trainning documents will be used for coming group in June.


April 2009


What are we doing? DinDang and Volunteers are working hard to completed the second small clay house and a kitchen. You can follow the work we have done by checking the site ;)

video dindang
video dindang

2008 - Dindang's movie

DinDang's video shows the techniques we used in the year 2008.

Please click on the picture or on a link below:


Part 1

Part 2