Join us as a volunteer visitor

As a volunteer visitor you get the opportunity to join us at DinDang Living Home.  Depending on the week and weather, we are sometimes working on a mud building, making furniture with bamboo, preparing for a workshop, chopping wood/bamboo for the clay oven and cooking, gardening and landscaping or sitting around sipping tea or our freshly roasted coffee grown on the DinDang Permaculture land discussing our new ideas while sowing and stuffing cushions out of our used plastic bags. 


As a volunteer you join our informal week schedule of task to develop and maintain the DinDang buildings and living home as you are invited to participate in the lifestyle that goes with it. 
If you are interested to join our projects, you can apply as a volunteer by send us email and we will give you all information on the projects, about costs for living and participating and so on. 
Or you can speed up the process by filling in the Application Form and send it to us in an email.  Before filling out the application form have a read of our Volunteering INFO Sheet which gives you most the information you will want to know before joining us.  

Here is some quick information (all repeated in our INFO sheet)

You can be a volunteer for short period.

You can also apply for long-term volunteer up to 3 months.



Participation fee

DinDang asks a participation fee to host you and provide you with three meals a day. You will be staying in a natural building house, a beautiful garden run by a Thai family.


The rooms are simple and clean. You share a room with no more than 4 people. The beds have mattresses, covers, mosquito nets and pillows. (Bring your own sheet and sleeping bag if you prefer). Two toilets and three shower rooms are available. Electricity available ( 12v. and 220V.).


Three very good Thai meals will be provided (3 times a day), you will eat together. Coffee, tea and drinking water are included.


  • The participation fee for FIVE working days-weeks is 2,500 Baht per person. If you decide to stay over in the weekends we offer you your stay and meals for those 2 days for FREE! 


  •  Participation fee should be paid on arrival.


What do we do with your participation fee?

Meals: 200 Baht per person per day is charged for breakfast and 2 great Thai meals per day. The money for the meals is used to buy ingredients, pay the cook and so on. Coffee, tea and water are included in the price.

Stay: 150 Baht per person per day is charged for a stay in one of the room. Maximum 4 people will stay in a room. The money for your stay is used to pay the housekeeper, blankets, mosquito nets, electricity, water, cleaning material, wash your sheets and blankets and clean the room on a regular base.

Transport: DinDang will organize transportation when is needed. Next to that you will be transported to social events in the area if we go there.


Material: we do need to buy some tools and nails and many other bits and pieces for the project on a regular base. Maintenance of existing material is also necessary. Sometimes information material will be provided too. We use a part of your participation fee for that.


For more information, please feel free to contact us. Read also the document below: 

Dindang application form
Microsoft Excel Table 55.5 KB
infosheet DinDang 2018
volunteerINFOsheet DinDang 2018.pdf
Adobe Acrobat Document 578.1 KB

Please send us an email if you can not download the form.