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DinDang's idea is to connect people with their ability to take care of their own needs of housing, food, energy and living with less dependence on monetary success and more independence from fossil fuels.
We promote local natural materials, found objects and recycled material.
We promote raising edible crops be it vegetables or meat such that at the end of the day you can have food on your plate even with an empty bank account.  We promote finding alternatives ways to energy use, and using local resources to produce energy.  We promote fixing what you have, reducing your waste and reusing the rest.
We promote going for a walk in the woods, collecting some tall grass and weaving a basket or picking wild vegetables and a funny looking stick to decorate you entrance with.



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DinDang Natural Building Educational Cen
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The DinDang Natural Building and Living Home aims to promote the natural and traditional techniques of  building and the lifestyle that goes with it in the Phato area in southern Thailand.


DinDang HOME is where Bow, Martha and their family live. The HOME is situated besides a river and surrounded by tropical rain forest. The DinDang HOME contains a dozen of small clay and bamboo buildings which are used to accommodate the family and visitors. There are little gardens scattered across the premises where the family grows food and herbs. Living at DinDang HOME means that you are our visitors and you are expected to be part of our living activities and life style. Cooking, eating, building, gardening, talking, looking or observing closely is a great way to understand it. We strongly believed that you are travelling this far to Thailand for something unforgettable or to find inspirations in life and here we can share that with you.



The DinDang HOME continues to be used as a place of learning (learning by doing) such that we will always be building, improving, maintaining, and experimenting with building on site and in surrounding villages. As such we continue our goals of being a Natural Building learning place and example.



DinDang is a Thai word that means Red Soil. And red soil is easily found in the area and our main building material at the center.



You can find information on this website about our projects, what we stand for, how to participate at our center, Home-stay accommodation, how to get to our village, and, of course, many nice updated photos!